Lusiana Lukman


Lusiana Lukman - Piano, Theory

ARCT Performer's & Teacher's with Honours, M. Mus Composition, U of Toronto

As third generation teacher, Lusiana has been teaching piano in Canada since 1991. Her mastery and love for teaching music inspired her to found the Classical Music Conservatory in Toronto in 1997. As a teacher, Lusiana holds both ARCTs with honours in Piano Performers and Teachers, a Bachelor of Music, and a Master of Music in Composition. She has been teaching for over 30 years now, and each year, her passion for musical education grows.

Lusiana teaches all ages and levels. She prepares students for all RCM levels of piano, theory and harmony as well as for music festivals with First Class Honours with distinction achievements. She believes in nurturing her students with long term concrete goals, a good foundation in technique and a lot of performance practice with much emphasis on FUN. She encourages her students to be open to other sources of learning from her community team of amazing teachers at CMC. 

Being the Executive Founding Director of CMC, Lusiana's time is extremely limited to a very select few students who are accepted by a personal interview/audition process.